Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fiji Weejee Fawn

I just…I just don't even. What is this? I would accuse this bizarre and incomprehensible name of being selected by the world's least propitious random noun generator, but that would be far too generous considering that an entire third of this name is not in fact a noun and is not, so far as I can tell, even a word at all.

Suggested by lovely reader Gillian.

You know what? I need to retain some level of faith in humanity. I am going to assume that this name is a brilliant Wittgensteinian, Dogg's Hamlet kind of epistemological critique on how, despite years of apparently successful communication, there is really no way ever to know that we mean the same thing as anyone else by the words we use. Except instead of "plank" meaning "pass me the next piece," "Fiji Weejee Fawn" means "Don't ever let me name a nail polish again or you will be liable for gross negligence to our shareholders."

It is really almost besides the point to mention that in no possible way does this color resemble Fiji or a fawn. I am sure, however, that it is a dead ringer for weejee.


  1. Bahahahahaha!!!!!!

  2. I'm convinced a 3 month old named this one. Looks like the color of baby puke to me!

    Welcome back Pander!

  3. I have a feeling Suzi was under the influence when coming up with this one.

  4. Welcome back, Pander--it's been way too long. I'm glad to see you're in fine Fiji Weejee form.

  5. No WAY did you work in Dogg's Hamlet while discussing this shade! You're a genius.

  6. Samantha & Kelly--Thank you!

    JC--You may be right. "The Picnictime Adventures of Fiji Weejee Fawn" sounds about right for a three-month-old bedtime story. Also one likely to produce some well-deserved baby vomit.

    Steph--An excellent hypothesis! In fact, I think a lot of OPI's names could be explained by a little polish-sniffing in the conference room.

    Polishlover--Thanks! Glad to be back.

    Ink--Love Stoppard! In my high school Stoppard phase, my mom surprised me with a book of plays, but was looked down upon by the snooty clerk because "It's pronounced Stop-PARD." I appeal to your professorial wisdom--surely not true?

    LT--Thank you! I intend to keep posting--please nag me if I don't!

  7. Ewww you're so negative. I can't believe you've seriously created an entire website devoted to bashing nail polish names in a most holier-than-thou fashion. Get a real job.