Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Huckle Buckle

Before you scroll down, try to imagine what color Huckle Buckle is.

It could be the color of a buckle, right? Perhaps a brassy gold, or even silver.

Or it could be the color of a huckleberry. I don't know what color huckleberries are, but in my head they are deep blue. Or purple. Or black. I guess they could be red. Berry tones, right?


This is Huckle Buckle:

Looks harmless, doesn't it? Almost genteel. How is it that this nail polish has a name that makes me want to drawl "Cletus! Is ol' Bessie ready for the milkin' yet? We need somethin' to feed them chillens besides the squirrel you shot on Old Man Rafferty's land while you were gettin' your Stars 'n' Bars ready for the Skynryd concert!"


  1. Puddin' Pop, WHY does this blog not get more traffic?! You seriously write well! You need to advertise more!

  2. Satan's Sandwiches, Iris, you're too kind! Please do go ahead and give me some tips on advertising! I think about 33% of my current readership is my mom (God bless her and her excellent taste in nail polish blogs).