Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Raven Red

You know, I totally see where they were going with the name here. Ravens are mysterious, elegant. They make me think of Poe. Xenu knows that with the vampire fad going on these days, anything with "raven" in the name should sell like gothcakes.

And I understand affirmative action. I think it's great that a well-respected cosmetics company like Revlon is willing to take a stand and provide much-needed jobs to those with disabilities.

Just one small problem:


Next time, assign the color-blind employees to something not requiring them to differentiate between this:

and this:


  1. Hey! This is a pretty entertaining blog concept. Nail polish names are so fucking ridiculous...

  2. Seriously lol Raven Red???? That makes no sense -.- a nail polish based on a raven should be a black maybe mixed with purple, and maybe kinda metalic, but then its not really a raven... o.o

  3. I would so buy a black/purple matalic nail polish, exept my mother wants me to be a little princess or prep =.=
    but yeah Raven Red? o.o thats stupied they are elegent and i love them, but red, how stupied are they... -_-

  4. Anon./Kaylee, you're right; a dark purple/black would be much more appropriate and raven-y. It also sounds like a much more interesting shade. I actually just got one that sounds similar: Branwen's Feather from Butter London. It seems like they had the same naming idea. What colors does your mother want you to wear? Let me guess: pink or red? My younger cousin's mother wouldn't let her wear any brightly-colored nail polish, but when she saw my sister wearing black and me wearing light teal, she decided that maybe she should be more permissive. Maybe your mom just needs to see interesting nail polish colors on someone mainstream to convince her that it's really not a "bad girl" thing anymore. You could ask your friends (the ones that she likes!) to wear crazy colors when they come over, or show your mom some pictures of celebrities wearing daring colors on the red carpet.

  5. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


  6. It's an old shade, first made in 1945. Before color film, maybe?? lol.

  7. I have this color, but it's a ChiChi with the same name. I'm just like 'Ok that;s a bit random"...