Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Meet Balls

I've tried about seventy different prescriptions of rose-colored glasses to look at this one. No matter how strong they are (and in this latest pair, Stalin looks like the pancake bunny), this name still grosses me out.

Meet Balls?

I mean, is the goal to look like you just dipped your fingers in squishy globules of ground up cow flesh?

Or...is it a tantalizing promise of your social life to come?

Either way, let me reiterate: eww.


  1. Ditto! My goodness.

    Ok, my word verification was "bileukew" and I could barely keep it in my brain long enough to type it in, just from the sheer oddness of those letters all together.

    But at least it didn't have a form of "Essie" in it, which was quite eerie last time.

  2. Great, now the image of long red nails puncturing a mans balls is seared into my head...just how I like to start my Fridays.

  3. Just popping by to let you know that you have changed my life. Got a pedi today and spent more than the usual amount of time reading the bottom of the nail polish jars. ;)

    ps: I just saw the comment you left on the awards thing...you're so kind...thanks! (((Pander)))

  4. Haha, Meet Balls. The weirdest of weird polish names. Boggles the mind!

  5. BAHAHAHAHA! I peed myself 0_0 lol reading this

  6. Maybe a color name with lesbians in mind: Stroking Pussy