Saturday, May 2, 2009

Frugalista; Look Rich, Be Cheap

I'm sorry? You want to name your EIGHTEEN DOLLAR nail polish "Frugalista"?

Who writes the names for this company--Bill Gates? If this counts as frugal for you, Bill, I've got some other great deals you might want to look into. For instance, I will let you finish my bag of jelly beans for a mere twenty dollars. And the shirt off my back can be yours for a mere C-note. Actually, I know you're a fan of this blog. And I'll tell you what. You can hire me as your personal columnist, to write about whatever you want, for the outrageous bargain of four million dollars a year. Let me know.

Honestly, I love this color, but this is just a ridiculous price for some glitter soaked in chemicals. If you feel like spending eighteen dollars today, here are some things you could get instead. You could purchase two and two thirds tuning keys for your autoharp (autoharp not included). You could send a child in India to school for a year. You could disguise yourself as a hipster and wreak havoc on unsuspecting boys in girls' pants. Or you could buy the album AND the buttons of the new supergroup involving some guys from Cheap Trick, Fountains of Wayne, the guitarist from Smashing Pumpkins/A Perfect Circle, and one of the Hansen Brothers. And you would still have enough money left over for a coathanger to puncture your eardrums!

And while we're at it, Rescue Beauty Lounge: spending eighteen bucks to put THIS on your nails will make you Look Rich and Be Cheap?

Sorry, honey. As the immortal Willy Wonka would say: strike that, reverse it.


  1. "I will let you finish my bag of jelly beans for a mere twenty dollars." LOL!

    And yeah, I don't typically think of glitter anything as saying "rich."

  2. Woo! Awesome post. Something of the sort passed through my mind when I read that polish name. Although the soliloquy about Bill Gates did not. :D
    I love all of your options for what to do with $18! Way to shout out helping kids in India!

  3. Ink, I am sad to report that Bill has not taken me up on my jellybean offer and I was forced to endure the terrible trial of eating them all myself. I came close to having to finish with a buttered popcorn flavor but catastrophe was narrowly averted when I found a red one still in the bag.

    Faith, thanks! I had to put that in to temper my sarcastic nail polish-mocking facade with a peek at the gentle soul that lurks within. And to make myself feel less bad about the thirty dollars I spent on nail polishes that day. In my defense, they were two dollars each, and after reading about Frugalista I could not pass that up!

  4. I was very nearly tempted to make a comment with regard to conspicuous consumption, but I stopped for fear that any Frugalista owners reading my contribution might be tempted to drink their nail polish.

    Then again, I can't say I wouldn't be less surprised if the eighteen-dollar price were affixed to some kind of glittery liqueur.

  5. Finishing with buttered popcorn flavor is tragic, so am glad you found the red one! Close call, whew!

  6. hahaha...I'm falling over laughing. Sadly enough, I spent 25 dollars on those two colors (30% sale, I couldn't resist!). I did think those were some stupid names especially regarding their price tag. I love your site! I wish I could've thought of that idea; I've noticed quite a few suspect polish names in my collection.

  7. TAG, thanks! I hope you are enjoying your sparkly RBL--I had a hard time resisting during their recent 50% off sale myself. Do they live up to the price tag? If you've got crazy-named nail polish sitting around, I would love if you sent me some of your favorites! You can e-mail me suggestions/photos at stupidnailpolishnames at gmail dot com.

  8. ROFLMAO.,

    love this blog!!!