Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snow White

Well, that's nice.

It's good to see that even in this economy, the mastermind behind Raven Red still has a job.

On the downside, he may have let his medical insurance slip, because his delusion seems to have escalated. Whereas before I thought he might just have made a simple factual error about ravens, here he is not even pretending to get it right. Snow is white, he is saying to us, yes, I know that. However, I can turn it red through sheer force of will.

Or is he Jedi mind-tricking us? This nail polish is white. Yeah, like that's going to work. This nail polish is white. Some of us have more will-power than a generic cyberthug checking for illicit robots. This nail polish is white.

Anyway, I forgot what I was talking about. But nice nail polish. Lovely shade of white.


  1. That's the prettiest white I've ever seen. ;)

    Is it supposed to be the red of the poisoned apple? That's seriously twisted.

  2. I know! I feel like it either has to be that, or the fact that the Grimm version is "Snow White and Rose Red." But that still doesn't make sense; why would they switch the names? Honestly I think the most likely explanation is that someone sniffed a little too much of the nail polish while he was brainstorming that day.

  3. Snow White is supposed to be 'red as blood, white as snow, and black as ebony', so I think this polish is just drawing on the 'red as blood' part. ;) I agree that they should have named it a less misleading name though. :)

  4. Good call, Faith, I forgot that part! Can we all just agree that this name is stupid and that they should have named their line after the dwarves instead? To go Disney instead of Grimm, I would totally buy a nail polish called Dopey.

  5. Yes, I'm agreeing that it's exceptionally stupid. I would also totally buy a nail polish named Dopey, though I don't know what color it would be.

    Sneezy would obviously be green! Ewwwww.

  6. it's probably because snow white had read nails in the movie if my memory is is right.

  7. Wasn't Snow White supposed to have lips as red as blood (or in the Disney version, a rose)?