Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Daddy

Wow, creepy.

(Spotting and photograph courtesy of Suzanna)

Is anybody surprised that "Big Daddy" comes from the same company that brought us "Under 18"?

Not only does this name really give me the heebie-jeebies, but it also seems like a blatant color mismatch. This hideous bright orange is neither particularly manly (as befitting a Big Daddy) nor is it stereotypically little-girly (as befitting his doting daughter).

In fact, I can think of only two reasons for "Big Daddy" to be this shade:

1) You are trying to get your Big Daddy to "discipline" you for choosing such a horrible nail polish.

2) You are hoping to use your nails as hazard signals to flag down the car behind you and beg them to release you from your plaited-kneesock manacles before your body turns up in a ditch clad in a plaid skirt and pigtail ribbons.

If the former, good luck! You have earned it.

If the latter, I recommend bringing along some nail polish remover along in a hollow tooth. You're going to need it to take off your nail polish when the cops pull Big Daddy over for yelling obscene propositions at that school bus. Otherwise they might just decide anyone with such bad taste in polish deserves what she gets.


  1. Total heebie jeebies!

    Hmmm...bright orange to match Big Daddy's prison jumpsuit?

  2. You're totally right, how could I have not seen that one? Just because you are on the chain gang does not mean you can ignore your cuticles.

  3. LOL! Yeah, there really is no excuse to ignore your cuticles, is there? ;)

  4. Sinful has the best (worst?) names ever. My fave from mid-90's was a shimmer forest green named "Daisy the Pig"


  5. You know there is one called "Daddy's Gril", too?

  6. Thanks for the tip, Lani! I actually had that one on my list of horrible nail polish names to talk about sometime, but it keeps creeping me out too much to deal with.