Thursday, June 25, 2009

Christian Court

Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise...fear, surprise and cloaking our religious revolution in the guise of nail polish!

I mean, really, guys? Christian Court? (Let's just ignore the fact that this has no earthly [or heavenly] connection to any kind of color.) Do we miss those? Personally I was getting kind of attached to that whole "separation of church and state" thing we've been working for a while. Did you get sick of that? I mean, I guess it would be pretty cool to turn my loud neighbor in for being a heretic. But then again, someone would probably accuse me of witchcraft, I would have to go through trial by drowning, and it would totally ruin my dress. So that kind of breaks even.

Let's just call the whole thing off, all right? You keep your nail polish, I keep my First Amendment, and if I see you again, we're all going to have a nice chat with the Comfy Chair, mmkay?


  1. Excellent points, Pander.

    There was that one bishop who wore lavender gloves in a Bronte novel I read a long time ago. Or maybe it was a lavender cape, I forget. Wait, did men even wear gloves in Victorian churches? Hmmmm. Might have to go dig up that horrible paper I wrote on the book. Or better yet, not.

  2. My main point (though I apparently forgot to say it) was that Court, and especially Christian Court seems decidedly un-pastel-purple. Maybe dark and somber. But not shiny lavender!

    Now hopefully the bishop bit above makes more sense.

    I need coffee.

  3. Minor point: my cameraphone spy skills are apparently subpar; I think this was actually a straight up silver instead of purple. Still not seeing the relation to court, though.

    Major point: how much do we need matching lavender cape/glove sets?? I don't think I would ever take mine off.

  4. We *totally* need matching lavender cape/glove sets. Appropriate for everything and gorgeous besides. :)

    Though probably everyone would copy us.

  5. I want to get paid to come up with these names. I'd call this one "beige."

  6. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I find it to be hilarious!! Love the Monty Python reference in the beginning :)

  7. This is super belated, but thanks, Drisana! It is always a pleasant surprise when the Monty Python I laboriously studied in my adolescence impresses rather than horrifies.